Switch House Media partnered up with Coltivare in Ithaca NY on a commercial video project that would be shown in a local theater. They trusted our marketing and production expertise and had us come with a few idea options to pitch to them. We asked them a lot of questions about their restaurant and their customers. A lot of questions. This led us to 3 major themes that would make this campaign effective in addition to being fun and engaging.


Our first theme had to do with the consumer behavior of the theaters customer base. When taking consumer habits into consideration, we realized that people in a movie theater are there to watch cinematic, beautiful footage. So, by putting an emphasis on cinematic production and post-production, the commercial was able to fit organically with the medium it was placed in.


The second major concept was to build the commercials credibility by utilizing Coltivare’s strong relationship with the theater. We used the idea of showing the theaters partnership with the copy “The Perfect Pairing”. We the popular date-night idea of dinner and a movie and showed that theme using engaging transitions and image matching between Resturaunt and Theater shots. After testing an early cut of the commercial we found that this concept was confusing to the audience so we altered it to have a larger focus on the restaurant. We then developed the majority of the theater/restaurant transitions into a social media package that led to a _____% increase in Colivare’s social engagement.


The third major focus of this campaign was measurability. This was important to Coltivare so they could see the effects that this commercial had on sales conversion. Our job was to make sure that Coltivare was not sacrificing potential customers in exchange for video metrics. In addition to obtaining social media engagement and reach metrics, we decided to have our call to action feature a sales promotion to drive customers to visit the restaurant. By offering customers ________ we were able to measure _________. This resulted in an increase in revenue of ________ in _________(time).